Progress Report–One Week And Counting!

So I finished my first week of daily blogging.

It was a good experience. I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve taken ownership of this thing, and begun to look forward to adding to it, improving it, and learning about the online industries it’s connected to.

I have this idea for a large post but I don’t know if I will be able to complete it for a while. It requires a lot of research–already, there are so many open tabs on my browser right now it has its own scroll button.

I may make a post about the idea itself, just the outline of it, then write the pointed version when I find my slant.

What Gets Me Excited?

I was working with a client recently who was a cardiologist, and during the process he repeatedly kept complimenting me and my thought process in making suggestions. He said things like, “You’re in the wrong line of work,” or “you’re too smart to be doing this.” Then he said that the way I thought reminded him of one of his colleagues who is a psychologist. And instantly I lit up. “Really?” I said. “I want to be a psychologist,” I said.

This was validating for me to know that the way I brought value to this person was specifically in using my mind to identify his true feelings and emotions, to help him see what was most important for him, and to show him how to best achieve those things, using a creative mindset to overcome obstacles along the way.

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Daily Blogging Exercise: What Are You Most Proud Of?

The thing that most readily comes to mind is that walk around competition. It was something that was so terrifying to me initially that I didn’t even want to participate in the dealership event. I almost choked in the first minute doing that one, but I pulled myself together and finished it, knowing it was sub par, but that I had done what I set out to do.

Of course, when I won, I had to move on to the semi finals in D.C. which required a herculean effort, leaving after a dealer event late to drive straight through the night to get to D.C., sleep and study at the hotel, and then be the last person to compete the next afternoon. Again, I felt like it was sub par, but I checked all the boxes I set out to check. Again, I won that one, too.

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A Salesperson’s Confession: It’s Hard to Make Those Phone Calls, But Do It With Integrity

It’s the last day of what has been an abysmal month for the company. In the morning meeting, we were told that a reckoning was coming, a heavy dose of tough love to help turn things around for all of us. We were going to be held accountable for things we already hadn’t done. Things which most of us–most certainly me–had said we had been doing.

It’s a sales job, and making phone calls is part of the job description. Thing is, I really dread making phone calls, even if it’s to someone I know and like. I barely call my best friend or my own parents more than once a month. It’s partly because it’s so draining for me. More than anything, what I feel I most need during the day is time to think, time to process what I’ve been reading, watching, hearing, plans and strategies I’ve been mulling over, without being interrupted for feeling guilt for not doing something else.

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Can Business Be the Art of Life?

Good business depend upon both a realistic view of the status quo and an idealistic view of what could be.

You need to see things as they are, specifically in relation to how they affect others. This requires a great deal of reflection on your own needs, and transpersonal acts of putting yourself in another person’s shoes. It requires you to get outside your own head, to stop focusing on just what you want, and to face certain truths about yourself that are common to all people: our mortality, our vulnerability, our dependency, our limitedness.

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Daily Blogging Exercise: What Do People Thank You For?

My called me a few minutes ago to get advice on what to say to prospective clients she is calling. Spouses can and should be advisers to one another, but it seems that people in general value my advice on conduct, how to act, what to do, what to say.

At work, I am thanked for taking initiative to complete projects that need to be done, specifically written content, or ideas for new processes.

I’m an exceptional student, and can learn and master new information quickly, developing a high level of competence in areas where I previously have very little to know expertise. I was able to win the national walk around competition for Audi just 5 months after joining the brand, which involved understanding the “game” and executing through a practiced presentation and showmanship.

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Daily Blogging Exercise: What Makes Me Angry About The World?

I would say the common, expected things make me angry about the world—cruelty, injustice, oppression, discrimination.

When I was in high school, I became obsessed with apologetics as a way of “proving” the truth to others. I envisioned how influential I could be if I stuck with it, lived up to my potential, and learned the Truth—capital “T”—that was there in plain sight if only we would apply ourselves to learning it. Then, I would be able to overcome the fallacious arguments of my opponents, hopefully accomplishing a total conversion from their viewpoint to the Truth.

The older I get the more common I suspect this crusade is among those like me, of my class, education, and background. Twist it around a little, though, and I believe most everyone can identify with the basic aim, which is chiefly to right wrongs and achieve justice in the world. It is not the same as the loyalty one feels to one’s country, city, or sports team. I wanted to convince people of these things for their own good, because I thought they were right, because I knew they were right. C. S. Lewis, my first and greatest literary love, once said himself in my first apologetics bible Mere Christianity that the worst tyrant is that who does what they do for our own good, for then they will stop at nothing. But I couldn’t see at the time how self-conscious his statement should have made me.

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What is a Sky Burial?

My wife showed me this article about this Buddha statue that was recently discovered to contain a mummified monk. The article said that they thought this was an example of self-mummification–a term I was not very familiar with.

Google did its work, and I was soon perusing a handful of the most photographed examples of successful self-mummified Buddhist monks from around Japan. It’s a process called Sokushinbutsu, and it involves intense ascetic practice, a progressive restriction of nutrients leading up to the consumption of poisonous liquids to begin the embalming process. Finally, they are placed into tombs with only enough room to breathe, and are finally sealed off once the die. The hope was that they would be exhumed a few years later and be found non decayed, a sure sign their spiritual practice had been successful.

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And so it begins…

Finally got around to starting one of these. I wonder how many witty and timeless ideas have been lost in the clutter of my mind.

Nevermind. Too many things are starting to come together for me, and I’ve long believed this was perhaps the most important part of all. Sat down and started my google analytics training this morning, but had to start this first.

Will keep you posted…