Happiness Through Content Creation

Here’s my experiment:

Rather than soul-searching, pondering, planning, hypothesizing, philosophizing—-

—I wonder if the trigger for finding fulfillment as an INFJ/INFP is through the production of creative work itself.

The test of this is simple: create content, nevermind the inner critic, and see what comes.

This isn’t about creating traffic, or income, or anything concrete like that. This is purely about my own joy and fulfillment, and seeing what it is out there that moves me.

My theory (Highly Sensitive Introvert here, I have one about everything!) is that my default mode of action, which requires immense forethought, and research, and inner-compass-calibrating, and emotional fluctuation, before feeling ready to choose a course of action–is self-frustrating even to an INFJ/INFP.

All the indicators point towards my Myers-Briggs type being especially creative and happiest as artists, writers, and so forth. But though I’ve always had story ideas, one of which I’ve been working on since I was in middle school, I’ve never been able to push through and create anything that would be worth sharing. I would never stop changing, altering, editing my work as I went, and since this act wasn’t fun for me, I finally stopped writing altogether about 2 years ago.

So what I’m interested in is not whether my writing improves, or I get creative ideas by being forced to create content, and so forth–that’s what I was doing with this site 2 years ago.

This time, my theory is that the act of creating and publishing, by itself–even bad content–will be an intrinsically enjoyable thing for me, and that the pursuit of the happiness that comes from publishing and creating will be the stimulation that makes the whole grind worthwhile.

I’ll stick to it as long as I feel like I’m getting something out of it.

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