2 Years Later

It feels strange being here again.

My blog posts have my name on it–but I swear I barely remember who wrote them.

I’m here to rebuild myself and try to make sense of what being “happy” and “fulfilled” means to me.

I’ve shed quite a few labels in the interim–and picked up quite a few more.


Highly Sensitive Person


But this is me trying to understand the me that doesn’t much care for any of the labels. A part of me that I feel like I’ve lost touch with, but a part I will need if I am going to put my life together–not again–but in many ways for the first time.

If you stumble upon this pile of mental debris, I hope that it is of some help to you. If my feelings remind you of yourself, I hope that it is a small comfort to just know that you’re not alone in your struggles.


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