There Was a Bear In My Dream Last Night

Driving home–my parents home.

I turn onto the main road. Looking over my shoulder to check for traffic, I catch sight of the back of an enormous, lumbering, black shape heading into the brush.

I’m aware of how small my car is. It feels sluggish to get away. Will he crush me in the car?

I get home, run inside. I need to lock the doors.

He’s coming.

The living room feels like my grandparents bedroom and kitchen.

One door locks. The other won’t. It swings freely.

I see the bear through the door. It is wandering around. It flops onto the ground.

I shove door stops under the door trying to brace it closed. Instead, it pops off its hinges and falls with a loud crash.

My cat darts out like she always does. She runs to the bear and lays next to it. I’m worried it will eat her.

He barely notices her at first. Then puts his paw on her. She’s trapped. Then he opens his mouth. I shout out, and distract it. She escapes.

It looks at me. And rises.

I’m trying to lift the door back up, wondering where I will run to.

Then I awake.


I never have bear dreams. And I couldn’t think of any reason I would have thought of them from yesterday.

Bears are complex. They appear during times of deep introspection and change.

They symbolize duality, strength and power, conflict, and maternal instinct.

A bear chasing you or attacking you suggests themes of impending conflict, the presence of a threatening situation, relationship, or choice.

A bear rising suggests the need to confront the conflict.

Has anyone else had a bear dream that they thought was significant?

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