Are You Anemic to the Good Life?

I was moody today. To the point where someone noticed. I got caught.

It took me until 5 to realize it probably had something to do with not eating lunch.

But I’m in sales; I DON’T eat lunch a lot of the time.

Then I thought about how I may have not been eating enough for the last few days. I probably was a little anemic as I get used to this new lifestyle.

I went to a local cafe which, like many in Asheville, are at least vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly.

As I was eating my tofu taco with tofu churizo (chur-E-zo she corrected me), I told myself to be conscious of what I was eating. To identify what I was eating. The ingredients, the flavor.

It was then I made a connection about being aware of your life ingredients, too.

I felt a little anemic to life as well.

I’ve become conscious of the “junk food” programs and websites I visit when I’m bored. Like bad food, they, too, offer shallow fulfillment.

If you, too, feel this way, I encourage you to be conscious of the mental food you are eating.

Don’t just make sure that it is healthy–make sure that you get enough of it.

Like “Forks Over Knives” says, you cannot be protein deficient without being calorie deficient as a vegetarian.

Same goes for wholesome intellectual content. Make sure you are getting enough of it!

Here are some suggestions for places to patronize:

Live Your Legend

Zen Habits

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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