What Gets Me Excited?

I was working with a client recently who was a cardiologist, and during the process he repeatedly kept complimenting me and my thought process in making suggestions. He said things like, “You’re in the wrong line of work,” or “you’re too smart to be doing this.” Then he said that the way I thought reminded him of one of his colleagues who is a psychologist. And instantly I lit up. “Really?” I said. “I want to be a psychologist,” I said.

This was validating for me to know that the way I brought value to this person was specifically in using my mind to identify his true feelings and emotions, to help him see what was most important for him, and to show him how to best achieve those things, using a creative mindset to overcome obstacles along the way.

I get excited thinking about other ways I could use this specific skill more often, and ways I could use it to greater effect to help people. It was almost like I was able to embody his own thoughts and desires, and provide him the information he didn’t even know to ask about. But I knew he would want to know if he had my expertise. It’s like a lower level of finishing your friend or spouse’s sentences. You’re connecting the dots for somebody, allowing them to work out the situation themselves, but with your expertise. The car he left with was not the one he came in for, but it was the right car for him once he was more educated and clarified his true desires, and the decision was entirely his own. But it wouldn’t have happened had I not been involved (not that someone else couldn’t have sold him the car, rather that my role was a vital catalyst).

To put it another way,  I get excited in assisting in the self discovery of others. In untangling a disruptive way of thinking, and opening up new avenues that are still in character for that person.

I like crafting and communicating a vision and improving existing processes to better serve the needs of customers and employees alike thanks to my empathetic sensitivity.

I like book shops and coffee. Comfortable chairs and lounges, with homy, cozy, but minimalist touches, like mountain cabin style, with wood and stone work. I like providing a conduit for groups sensitive to outreach to be able to meet and share ideas. I would like to find a way to make it easier for people to have access to tools which enlarge their perspectives and help them to identify and improve their own vision for themselves.

I get excited about visiting remote, mountainous places. Documentaries on Iceland, Switzerland, and Tibet for instance just suck me in. Something about the way I imagine the wind, the rocks, and the water are in those places is spiritually intense for me. And the thought of driving some small wagon or hatchback to work in those places gets me giddy, too. Archaeology, anthropology, and environmental topics pair most closely with these areas.

I would like to build a more peaceful world, a more conscious world, sensitive to people and the environment. To build understanding, and develop cooperation amongst people who normally find only division. To unite people by something more than just common material interests, but by achieving the common good.


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