Daily Blogging Exercise: What Do People Thank You For?

My called me a few minutes ago to get advice on what to say to prospective clients she is calling. Spouses can and should be advisers to one another, but it seems that people in general value my advice on conduct, how to act, what to do, what to say.

At work, I am thanked for taking initiative to complete projects that need to be done, specifically written content, or ideas for new processes.

I’m an exceptional student, and can learn and master new information quickly, developing a high level of competence in areas where I previously have very little to know expertise. I was able to win the national walk around competition for Audi just 5 months after joining the brand, which involved understanding the “game” and executing through a practiced presentation and showmanship.

I’m thanked for sharing my expertise in training environments, where I can adapt complex topics for the audience at hand, delivering to them in an easy-to-understand format.

I’m thanked for lending my intuition about people’s motives, emotions, and desires.

I’m thanked for pointing out potential problems or conflicts that may arise from a current situation.

I’m able to identify the parts of a large sum of information that are pertinent to the issue at hand.

I’m thanked for being able to make connections from seemingly disparate or unrelated fields, concepts, or ideas.


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